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 Post subject: Anom - Holy/Disc Priest
PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:25 pm 

Joined: Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:26 pm
Posts: 3
Character Name: Anom
Character Class: Priest
Days Played: 34
Days Played at 80: 16
Alt(s): Anømaly

--- General Information ---

1. Tell us a little about yourself: How old are you? Where are you from? 20. South Jersey.

2. What guilds (if any) have you been in? If so, why did you leave? If you are a server transfer, why did you pick Immo/Skullcrusher?
Dark Entropy: Raided with them till they died on tortheldrin on my hunter Anomaly.
Evolution: Rerolled a priest and started playing with evo. They died.

3. What is the best way to contact you?
E-Mail, forum posts/PMs.

4. How did you hear about us?
I've been on and off this server since day zero.

--- Raiding Information ---

5. Post your armory link. Post any info not available on armory. ... her&n=Anom

6. Do you have Ventrilo and/or a mic to communicate with your prospective guild members? yes

7. What are your computer specs and internet connection? Can you handle max graphic settings at a reasonable framerate in a 25 man raid?
Fiber optic connection, total BW 100 MBPS down and 100 MBPS up. I get around 40-45 ping on max settins while the SC-sever is in texas...
Computer: intel q6600 OCed to 3.0ghz/core, 2x9800 GTX SLI. nVidia chipsets.

8. Please attach some WWS records (or any similar log parses you may have) of some recent raids. Feel free to submit bad ones and identify what you did wrong and why they weren't as stellar as other ones you've submitted (Learning from mistakes and not repeating them again makes for much better raiders and shows us you can learn and adapt).

HM 10man Anub'Arak and 25man HM twin valk attempts. I pull around 5k+ EHPS mostly on HM fights, and around 8k+ was my min on twin valk HM attempts.

9. Tell us about your raiding experience. Go into any pertinent details about what you killed and what guild(s) you've killed it with. Let us know if it was pre-nerf or post-nerf. Tell us about how you made a difference and helped your past guild achieve those kills. How does your class role play into all of this?

Sunwell clear pre-nerf <-- on my hunter --> used MD and pew pewed while not tunnel visioning
naxx clear <--- on my hunter
ulduar clears: a few HMs. I was away in london for most of ulduar.
TotGC: 3/5

10. Tell us about your class. Likes, dislikes, etc. What makes you good at your class? Tell us a little about gear, your class, situational gear, specs, and how it all relates to your flexibility in raiding. Go into high detail about your rotations/spells/abilities you use, how it maximizes your job and why.

Rotation something along the lines of this: 3x serendipity stack (AoE dmg), CoH > PoH > SoL ProC > PoH > CoH > SoL Proc > flashx2 repeat while keeping PoM on CD at all times.
I raid heal, or toss on my disc spec for tank healing.

11. What is your schedule like? What times during the week can you raid? Our raid start at 8:00pm EST and last until 12am midnight. Usually Sunday through Thursday.
To be honest, I can make all of these days, but there are certain spontaneous obligations I may have. Example: I live in a fraternity atm, so I may be dragged out of my room for a party, or my room may be invaded for a party. I can lock my door during raids, but I do have to go to a few of these things, not that I mind :P.

12. Please post up a link to a screenshot of your User Interface. ... 203454.jpg

13. If your house was on fire, and you were raiding with us, what would you do?
Grab a beer out of my fridge, turn up my music, finish the fight, then get the fuck out.

14. General Comments about yourself to us. This is your opportunity to convince us that you are the players that we want in our guild.

Like I said, my schedule can be a bit spontaneous depending on what social plans for us, but other than that I'm a really chill guy who likes to get shit done in raids.

I also greatly enjoy playing my hunter.

Regarding the uncertainty of my schedule. It is rather easy to work around, it's just that I may ask if I can take the night off if I'm going to be sitting anyway.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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