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Character Information
Name: Shinon
Class: Hunter
Spec: Beast Mastery

Armory Link: ... non/simple

Explain why you enjoy playing your class. How long have you been playing the class you are applying with and do you have any experience playing other classes/specs? Give two examples of specific situations in which you shine on your class.
I've always liked playing bow using classes in any game (no explanation, I just think bows are cool). I've been playing my hunter since the game's release (so almost 8 years), and i've had experience raiding as all 3 specs (although I haven't played anything but BM since MoP came out). I've also raided end-game content as a holy paladin and discipline priest in the past so I consider myself to be a versatile player of this game. I consider Hunters to excel at add-kiting as well as doing high burst damage on add spawns during an encounter.

Are you competent in playing other specs within your class? Do you have off spec gear?
Yes, as stated above I can raid dps as all 3 specs.

What alts do you actively play, at least over level 80.
I have a lvl 90 protection warrior and a lvl 90 rogue that I both play from time to time.

Please provide a UI screenshot.


Provide a link to a World of Log for cataclysm content. At the very least provide a damage meter for a dummy under the following conditions: 5 minutes long, any standard raid buffs you would like, and include the breakdown of your damage as well as the overall damage done. Do not skip over this.
Done with 0 buffs on a raider's target dummy.

What raiding guilds have you been a part of? Why did you leave?
Dark Entropy - Alliance Skullcrusher (Classic, BC)
Evolution - Alliance Skullcrusher (WotLK)
Cheatin the System - Horde Skullcrusher (MoP)

I have been a part of many other guilds other than the ones listed here, but I decided to only list these ones because I think these are the few that matter the most. The reasons for me leaving guilds in the past have varied but most of the time it has been because I either got bored of playing the game or because I was too busy to continue playing. The reason I am deciding to leave my current guild however is because I am not satisfied with their current raid times.

What is your raiding experience? Please be as specific as possible and include content from Vanilla to current.
I did most of my hardcore raiding during classic and BC. I used to be in a guild called Dark Entropy on Skullcrusher during classic days (top Alliance guild at the time), and the furthest content we got to was Sapphiron in Naxxramas 40 (we had of course downed all of the previous content in classic including C'thun in AQ40). I also raided during BC as a holy paladin in the top horde guild on a server called Smolderthorn. With that guild I had raided all of the content in BC up to and including Kalecgos in Sunwell, although I quit the guild and the game shortly after. At the beginning of WotLK I raided as a discipline priest in a guild called evolution (of which I was one of the founding members), although I quit shortly after we had downed the hardest content at the time (25-man 3 Drake Sartharion). They went onto become the top Alliance guild on Skullcrusher for a while after I quit (although they eventually disbanded). I did not raid at all in Cataclysm so there was about a two year window where I didn't raid (also the reason why I don't have any notable raid achievements on my character), but I have been raiding in MoP with my current guild where we are stuck at 4/6 MSV.

Personal Information

Tell us about yourself. What other games do you enjoy?
Because I consider myself to be a game connoisseur, i've played so many games in the past that I probably can't list all of them here. However some my favorites amongst them include most of the Final Fantasy series, the Assassin's Creed series, Warcraft III, Diablo II, and Starcraft I & II, the Elder Scrolls series, and the Persona series (amongst many others).

Why do you enjoy raiding? What keeps you playing this game?
I enjoy raiding because I like that sense of accomplishment and egoism I feel when my guild downs a difficult raid encounter. I also like sitting in orgrimmar (I play Horde right now), with all of the gear/titles/mounts I earn from those raids to show off my accomplishments (100% serious here =D). Other than that what keeps me playing this game is achievements and the fact that i've played this game since I was a teenager.

Immortality raids 4 days a week Monday through Thursday from 8pm-12pm EST. Does this work for you? How about when school starts?
Works perfectly for me.

What do you believe you can contribute to Immortality?
I can contribute as a smart and competent raider who almost always shows up for raids prepared and on time. Every guild needs solid ranged dps to progress and I feel like I can be a vital part of the solution. I also play quite often during non-raids times so I can contribute to the daily activities of the guild as well.

Are you able to handle, at times, harsh constructive criticism?

What are your computer specs? Internet connection? Please post a link from
I play on a Sony VAIO laptop right now so ill be completely honest and say that the specs aren't that great compared to most raiders, but it's enough for me to be able to raid (as I have been doing during this expansion already). I wasn't able to get the link working for whatever reason but trust me when I say my internet is fine as well.

What is the best way to contact you?
In-game mail to my hunter or post on this app.

Tell us a joke!
A blood DK walked into a bar. There was no counter.

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You can transfer over. Catch Ryudra, Fleas, or Misstickle for an invite.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:58 pm 
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Everything looks fine to me, but I have one question to ask you...

With all the time you were on this toon ... any reasons you still don't have a second spec?!

Outside of that, I'm willing to try you out whenever you want.


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