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Character Information
Xpariah - Protection - 8/2/31 Arms - 31/7/3

Armory Link: ... iah/simple

Explain why you enjoy playing your class. How long have you been playing the class you are applying with and do you have any experience playing other classes/specs? Give two examples of specific situations in which you shine on your class.
I enjoy playing a protection warrior because it's fun, and as a tank i am the matter of any situations. My performance will effect others so failure is critical and inexcusable. I have been playing protection warrior for roughly 45 days game time. I have a lot of experiences and understanding for many classes like Death Knight, Druid, Paladin, Rogue, Hunter, and Priest for all specs. I shine the most in a 2 tanks fight, simply because of Intervene with 30 seconds cooldown for 30% damage reduction and 6 seconds duration. The second example would most definitely be Heroic Leap. It allows me the flexibility to easily accomplish many difficult tasks for a lot of boss fights.

Are you competent in playing other specs within your class? Do you have off spec gear?
I am capable of playing Arms and Fury competitively with other raiders. However at this point of the game my gears more than likely are behind the current progression. Yes, i have a full set of off spec gears. Mostly Heroic Mode Fire Land. Lady luck seems to be happier with other peoples in Looking For Raid so i can't win any off spec tier pieces.

What alts do you actively play, at least over level 80.
The alts i currently playing are Paladin, Hunter, Rogue, and Priest. All of them are minimum Ilvl 388 - 392

Please provide a UI screenshot.


Provide a link to a World of Log for cataclysm content. At the very least provide a damage meter for a dummy under the following conditions: 5 minutes long, any standard raid buffs you would like, and include the breakdown of your damage as well as the overall damage done. Do not skip over this. ... 222&e=1602

What raiding guilds have you been a part of? Why did you leave?
I was in Reckoning Alliance on Lightninghoof until my career took a turn and i was unable to meet the raid days required for progression. Sadly, i left and joined Immortal Alliance on Laughing Skull, and recently found out the GM decided to join another 25M guild on Kel'thuzad.

What is your raiding experience? Please be as specific as possible and include content from Vanilla to current.
I did not play this game until the end of Burning Crusade. I spent most of my time leveling and battle ground during this time. I joined Reckoning on my Hunter [Xhunta] for Wrath of the Lich King, and completed all Heroic Mode contents including HM Lick King. I joined Immortal on my Warrior for Cataclysm, and completed 6/7 HM Fire Land, 1/8 HM Dragon Soul.

Personal Information

Tell us about yourself. What other games do you enjoy?
I am Asian, 32 years old, work a full time job, and enjoy playing WoW during my free time. The only other game i played and enjoyed the most before WoW was FFXI online.

Why do you enjoy raiding? What keeps you playing this game?
I enjoy raiding because it's fun, challenging, team work, sharpen awareness, and conquer the obvious. Last and not least, the Loots... No matter what everybody say... After a few hundred attempts, the boss drops loots that nobody needs can be rather disappointing.

Immortality raids 4 days a week Monday through Thursday from 8pm-12pm EST. Does this work for you? How about when school starts?
These raid days and hours work perfectly for me. I don't have any trouble making these raid days. In case of emergency i will contact an officer via email, in-game mail, or post here in the forum.

What do you believe you can contribute to Immortality?
I bring a solid player, always on time, prepare, intelligent, decisive, knowledgeable, and supportive.

Are you able to handle, at times, harsh constructive criticism?

What are your computer specs? Internet connection? Please post a link from
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9300 @2.50GHz

What is the best way to contact you?
Consider i am on a different server, the best way to contact me would be to add my Real ID or send me an Email.

Tell us a joke!
A hot heated couples was about to get it on... However the guy forgot that he ran out of condoms. So he went to the store and was only able to pick up Silver Magnum instead of Gold which she preferred for maximum protection. He came back and tell her "I am sorry. I was only able to get Silver and not Gold." She replies with a smile, "It's quite alright. You can cum second place for once".

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Application Withdraw.

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